New Arrivals: Medicom Toy Be@rbrick - Series 39, The Rocketeer, Pushead, and Vincent Van Gogh!
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    Pre-Order Summary

    Q: How does a pre-order work?
    A: By pre-ordering an item, you are placing an order in advance that guarantees your item and the pre-order price of the item. A pre-order price is always less than the listing price to incentivize our customers to place an order before an item arrives in stock.

    Q: When am I charged for a pre-order item?
    A: Pre-orders are charged immediately upon checkout to guarantee your reservation of the item(s). No cancellations are permitted on pre-orders.

    Q: Why should I pre-order?
    A: Not only are pre-orders processed to be shipped first upon arrival, but a majority of our items are produced in very limited quantities and we cannot assure restocks. We highly recommend placing a pre-order to reserve your order, locking in the pre-order price of the item, and to avoid an item selling out.

    Pre-Order Shipping

    IMPORTANT: To avoid any delays in your shipment, please place an order for in stock and pre-orders items separately

    Q: When will my pre-order ship?
    A: We always provide our best estimate for release dates, however all release dates are subject to change by the manufacturer and can shift at any given time. While we cannot provide the exact ship date, we can guarantee that your pre-order item will ship within one business day upon arriving in stock. Once your item has been processed and shipped, you will receive an email notification with your order summary and tracking information.

    Q: What if my order contains both in stock and pre-order items?
    A: Because our system doesn’t allow to separate or combine orders, we can only ship out your order when all of the items have arrived in stock so we strongly recommend that you place separate orders for in stock and pre-order items. We also highly recommended that customers place separate orders for pre-order items to ensure that your item(s) ship as they arrive in stock.

    Pre-Order Policy

    Q. Am I able to cancel my pre-order?
    A. Unfortunately we do not allow any cancellations on pre-orders.

    Q: Does placing a pre-order guarantee that I will receive my item(s)?
    A: In 99% of the cases, yes. However, some rare scenarios may come up that doesn’t allow us to fulfill your order:
    • The manufacturer announces that the particular items have either been discontinued or production has been completely cancelled.
    • Our distributors are unable to allocate quantities to us due to the exclusivity or extremely limited nature of the items.
    • The items that you have pre-ordered have arrived to us damaged and are no longer available for re-order.
    In these infrequent situations, we will notify and provide you with a full refund.
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